A new type of dubstep?

2016-10-02 22:56:28 by PianoreGD

Au5 fuses dubstep with ambient relaxing music, Xtrullor fuses dubstep with classic orchestra. I just came out with another idea of dubstep: Chinese dubstep. Yes Chinese dubstep, with guzheng, erhu, Chinese flute and crazy wubs! The "Chinese" part of this kind of dubstep isn't a big deal for me cuz I'm from China... So anyways, let me know what you guys think of this

- Pianore (ye I have to change my name)


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2016-10-02 23:05:02

Sounds cool. I would like to mix dubstep with metal. Would be brutal.


2016-10-02 23:05:34

Sounds cool. Would like to mix dubstep with metal. That would be brutal.


2016-10-03 00:04:34

In response to that comment below: Yes, that exists already. It's called brostep fusion or Metalstep.


2016-10-03 00:15:58

Xtrullor doing orchestral dubstep wasn't new. As good as he is at it. Orchestral dubstep has been around for a while.
As far as Chinese dubstep, I think I have a similar concept in my playlist somewhere. Can't find it ech


2016-10-03 04:01:55

Would not be surprising to me because the syncretism with trad music exists in different parts of the world. Our beta are off as to whether a shakuhachi or shinobue would have already existed in Japanese fusions with dubstep, for example.

Give it a try nonetheless, I would like to hear what you come up with.