This is my dreamland!!!!

2016-03-09 23:18:55 by PianoreGD


Oh my god, this is what you will se if you are on Titan (Saturn's moon). It is just sooo beautiful, I wish I can live there (although I will die rather quickly there lol). Some day I will definitely make a song for this


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2016-03-09 23:39:09

I dunno. You sure it would look like that? Saturn and its moons get A LOT less sunlight than our planet.

Also, little known fact: Venus is more colonizable than Mars or our moon. The only problem with colonizing Venus is that the surface is so far below sea level.

PianoreGD responds:

But the big problem is that Venus doesnt have a magnetic field and it rotates slow as hell, Venus is closer to sun than Earth, so yeah without magnetic field life would be pretty tough. The only thing Venus and Earth have in common is the size. But Titan is very Earth-like, it has liquid, atmosphere, rain and a tilt degree similar to the Earth so it experience seasons, the only problemis that it is way too cold... Also the picture isnt a real picture of Titan, the real Titan has a lot of smog and the sky is as dark as twilight on Earth, so it isnt as beautiful as in the picture that I posted, but it still remains an interesting place to explore ;)


2016-03-10 06:22:13

So you know a bit about astronomy, do you? That's fucking awesome!

PianoreGD responds:

Yeah I know a lot about astronomy and it has always been my inspiration for making music


2016-03-10 06:35:03

That's an interesting inspiration for music. The universe is such an expansive and beautiful thing. Wow. More the reason to follow you.
And if you couldn't tell, my music is inspired by games lol

PianoreGD responds:

Lol i listened to your Apologize and it did have a kinda gaming ambient stuff going on. Great gob!! Yeah theres a lot of things in space, so many that you cant even name everything. Each thinh, like a star, a nebula or a scientific term can be a song


2016-03-10 08:10:09

Some pulsars emit electromagnetic waves that could be cool to use as instruments...