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Horror dubstep for Halloween

2016-10-10 18:07:42 by PianoreGD

A horror dubstep I made for Halloween



A.U. Project screenchot

2016-10-04 21:22:33 by PianoreGD

Yes a lot of nights were stayed awake and a lot of seaweed bags were emptyed...

The song:

A new type of dubstep?

2016-10-02 22:56:28 by PianoreGD

Au5 fuses dubstep with ambient relaxing music, Xtrullor fuses dubstep with classic orchestra. I just came out with another idea of dubstep: Chinese dubstep. Yes Chinese dubstep, with guzheng, erhu, Chinese flute and crazy wubs! The "Chinese" part of this kind of dubstep isn't a big deal for me cuz I'm from China... So anyways, let me know what you guys think of this

- Pianore (ye I have to change my name)

NK - Sine Wavs (Pianore remix)

2016-06-05 11:51:09 by PianoreGD

GD fans, here is it:


I worked on this for 2 ENTIRE MONTHS!!!! I really need to take a break from dubstep, the drops take so long time to make!!!5362481_145938519482_bandicam2016-03-3020-39-20-776.jpg

1: If you take every single human on Earth and you put one on top of another, the total height will be 8 times the diameter of sun

2: Venus actually had liquid when the Sun was young, but as it gets older, more hotter it gets. The rise of Sun's temperature let Venus's volcanoes to erupt and all the gaz released by these raging volcanoes now becomes Venus's atmosphere.

3: One of the ways to make Mars habitable is to pollute its atmosphere by rising green house effect (which human seems to be very good at)

4: Astronomers recently found a giant equilateral hexagon on the north pole of Saturn. That hexagon is a vortex called "The Great White Spot". This vortex is even bigger than Jupiter's Great Red Spot

5: If all the plants on Earth die, the oxygen contained in our atmosphere can let us breathe for about 1000 years.

If you want more facts, let me know in the comments

Another pic of Titan (my favorite place)! This is made by me and yeah I'm pretty proud of it!!!!! I'm not a pro artist, I'm a musician but it can't stop me from making a landscape of Titan!!! Please go check out the submission:

The previous dreamland isn't made by me.5362481_145774893062_Titancopy.jpg

This is my dreamland!!!!

2016-03-09 23:18:55 by PianoreGD


Oh my god, this is what you will se if you are on Titan (Saturn's moon). It is just sooo beautiful, I wish I can live there (although I will die rather quickly there lol). Some day I will definitely make a song for this

New WIP song

2016-03-04 20:40:29 by PianoreGD

This will be a new song, a melodic dubstep. Its half-way done but it already took me more than 20 hours to make.5362481_145714167172_Screenshot1.png